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Great fund raiser ideas and themes

Fundraiser Themes and Ideas

Having a theme for your students to focus on is a great way to build school-wide excitement and increase the success of your fundraiser. By making a big deal of the theme and having each and every class buy into the idea, it is possible to see thousands of dollars in fundraising money and fundraising profits.

One of the great things about having a common theme or fundraising idea throughout the entire school is that parents will be more inclined to buy fundraising products and support the school fundraiser because they will be able to have their children, who are in different grades, produce fundraising art products that are very similar and match each other. This comes in really handy when the parents are trying to create Christmas and birthday gifts, and allows them to do more mixing and matching of the child's artwork to form the perfect artwork "set" to give away.

Here are some previous themes and ideas that we have had that turned out to be a great success for our schools!


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Hand Prints

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Photo Art


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Water Colour

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