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Our products are priced as follows. These are wholesale prices. As the manufacturer we are able to offer these prices on volume orders from schools and other groups. We even pay the shipping for orders over $500.00. Schools using our products to conduct a fundrasing event will sell the products for more to realize a profit. The printable order form shows suggested pricing for fundraising. For example, we are selling you a trivet for $7.95 and suggest that you re-sell the item for $10.95 - a $3.00 (38%) profit.

If you would like to have a set of samples to show to your fundraising committee, fill out the form on the right or send us an email and we'll send a package out right away. The chart below shows the wholesale and suggested retail cost for each product.

Product Wholesale Price Suggested Retail Price % Profit
Set of 4 Coasters
3 sets or more
$8.95 each
$11.95 each
Set of 4 Magnets
3 sets or more
$7.95 each
$10.45 each
1 Puzzle (5x7 inches)
3 or more

Add $1.00 for each magnetic puzzle
$5.95 each
$8.45 each
Trivet Hotplate
3 or more
$6.95 each
$9.45 each
Wall Plaque
3 or more
$7.95 each
$10.95 each
Set of 6 cards with envelopes
3 sets or more
$5.45 each
$7.95 each

How Do I Get Started?

So, you have decided to go ahead with our Artwork Fundraiser. Thank you. We would like to see you succeed, and you will, if you follow these guidelines.

Contact us by email, or phone, 1-250-967-4880 to confirm dates. We need 2 weeks to process your order. We can get very busy at certain times of the year, so we need to know when you plan on running your fundraiser.

  1. Please make sure that everyone involved has viewed the video, (A DVD was included in your sample kit).
  2. Have each child create a piece of art. It is important to use 5x7 inch paper. We can supply the paper if you like, for a small charge. Call us to order paper for your fundraiser: 1-250-967-4880. If you choose to use your own paper, we suggest 67-pound, white cover stock, available at stores such as Staples. It comes in 8.5x11 inch sheets so you will need a paper cutter to end up with 5x7 inch pieces. The children can use paint, felt pens, coloured pencils, pastels or almost anything to create their art. We have found that filling the entire page with colour works best. Some schools have used water colours. This works well but requires special water colour paper. If you go this route please make sure the paper is 5x7 inches in size.
  3. Make the art project part of the class work. Have the teachers show the products to the children so they can get excited about what their art will look like. Have a theme for the art, such as those on our Fundraiser Ideas page. Some schools have even used an Artist in Residence program in conjunction with the fundraiser, where a professional artist is hired to work with the students. Ask your school board about this. Anything you can do to raise the awareness of the project throughout the school and with teachers and parents will increase the response. Asking the kids to do the artwork at home does not work.
  4. Once complete, the artwork is sent home to the parent with the School Fundraising Order Form. This form was part of your package but you can download a file copy here if you would like to customize it. Some schools alter the pricing to include the HST so the parents don't need to do calculations. Parents select the products they want and return the artwork, order form, and cheque to the school.
  5. The school totals the orders and forwards to Stofer Images with one cheque for the total amount owing. Use the school wholesale tally sheet to calculate what you owe Stofer Images. It was included in your package, but you can also a copy of the Wholesale Tally Sheet.
  6. Mail the artwork, the order form and the cheque to Stofer Images. Use Canada Post Express Post; it is inexpensive, fast and provides a tracking number. Advise us when the order is sent. Our address is...
    Stofer Images
    10430 Lakeside Drive
    Prince George, BC, Canada
    V2K 5M4

If possible, please keep each class separate, and we will do our best to do the same when we return the finished product to you.

If you have any questions about the ordering process please ask us at or 1-250-967-4880.